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Gods Story, Our Story
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Jacob Green
Beginning a new series entitled, "Finding Your Story in His-Story," Jacob Green preaches from Galatians 1 on Paul's testimony as an example of being a part the grand story God is writing.
Finding Your Story in His-Story

We all have a story. We all have something to tell others borne out of our experiences, our encounters, our life as it has played out. God has a story too. He has been writing it from eternity past and is still writing it today. It includes each one of us, whether or not we are even aware of that. Imagine if we not only were aware but embraced that idea that our story fits into his - that He is not a part of our tale, but that he has given us the privilege of playing a role in his. We can find our story in his, and we can all write a better story together as His people.

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