Sunday Morning

The leading edge of our children's ministry is the Sunday morning experience called Power House! Over the course of time we have researched plans, churches, lessons, and talked to hundreds of families to find out what they want for their kids.  Here is what we learned!  THEY WANT IT ALL!

So we packed the three-hour morning experience with everything we could think of.  Each morning, we open with a continental breakfast for kids.  Once a month, we upgrade to hot pancakes with juices, milk and the trimmings.  We have missions, games, music, scripture memory, a sermon, more music, a few more games, small groups, large groups, all built around a single lesson for each day.  It is truly the fastest three hours of the week.

How do we cram all that ministry into such a small time slot?  Easy, we use the greatest team of volunteers in the world!  They are screened, trained, and resourced to use every second they have with these kids.  Our leaders build relationships while making sure the foundations of a life of faith are being laid.

What does it look like?  You will have to see it for yourself to believe it, but here is a quick look at a sample schedule. It moves a little each week, but this should give you a glimpse.

8:45 Activities with leaders scattered around the gym
9:10 Opening worship song and large group gathering
9:25 Scripture group breakouts
9:45 Large Group Worship service
10:20 Group-wide object lesson or game
10:40 Small group Bible study & application activities
11:10 Team-based interest activities
11:45 Dismissal

 Sunday Evenings

Small groups and personal relationships are the core of what we do as a church.  We intend for kids to become part of the social aspect of our small groups.  These small groups meet all over town, so you might find our kids in a home, at the church, or even at a local coffee shop enjoying the small group experience with their family.

Wednesday Evenings

GAs (Girls in Action) meet separately from the boys to discuss how the Gospel is being shared around the world.  The BMX ministry (Boys Ministry eXtreme) also uses this time to discuss how missions operate world-wide.

Whenever you come, know that we will be excited to see you!  We will be even more excited to engage your kids in a memory making ministry of a lifetime!

What We're Learning

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